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On this page you find MoneyPark’s best mortgage rates – up to date and at a glance! In the table below we show the best rates of more than 100 financing partners for different mortgage types and terms. If you are not sure which option suits your needs best, our experienced advisors will gladly help you find the best solution.

The displayed interest rates are the best rates currently available and professionally renegotiated by MoneyPark. Your personal interest rates may vary depending on LTV, affordability, mortgage amount and the location of the property. Request advice now!

On this page you find MoneyPark’s best mortgage rates – up to date and at a glance!

The displayed interest rates are the best rates currently available and professionally renegotiated by MoneyPark. Your personal interest rates may vary depending on LTV, affordability, mortgage amount and the location of the property.

Mortgage typeInterest rate
Fixed 2 years from 1.75 %
Fixed 3 years from 1.72 %
Fixed 4 years from 1.72 %
Fixed 5 years from 1.61 %
Fixed 6 years from 1.75 %
Fixed 7 years from 1.75 %
Fixed 8 years from 1.75 %
Fixed 9 years from 1.81 %
Fixed 10 years from 1.84 %
Fixed 12 years from 1.90 %
Fixed 15 years from 2.03 %
Fixed 20 years from 2.22 %
Variable from 2.50 %
Saron 1 month from *2.40 %
Saron 3 months from *2.28 %
Saron 6 months from *2.34 %

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We compare the offers of more than 100 providers and find the best mortgage together with you. As a result, our customers save on average CHF 2500 per year.

*The Saron value shown here is made up of the current Saron overnight plus the mortgage provider's individual margin.

Our best mortgage rates in Switzerland

In the table above, we present the best mortgage interest rates from over 100 financing partners - including banks, insurance companies and pension funds - for various mortgage types and terms. If you are not sure which option is best for you, our experienced advisors will be happy to help. The interest rates shown are current top conditions and professionally renegotiated by MoneyPark. Your personal mortgage rate may differ due to the loan-to-value ratio, affordability, loan amount and property location. Request advice now!

Swiss mortgage rates: banks' criteria

Before deciding on a mortgage strategy, make sure you meet the banks' two main criteria: the affordability and the loan-to-value. The loan-to-value ratio describes the ratio of the loan to the value of the property. Banks finance up to a maximum of 80 percent of the property, the rest you have to contribute from your own funds. You can also draw on funds from the second pillar or contribute your private provision. To meet the affordability requirement, you may not spend more than one third of your gross income on the running costs of the property. In addition to the interest costs, the running costs also include the amortisation as well as the ancillary costs and the maintenance of the property. But beware: banks do not calculate the interest costs with the actual mortgage interest, but with a so-called imputed interest of 5 percent.

Individual situation

If you are not sure whether you can afford your dream property, then use the MoneyPark mortgage calculator or contact our experienced advisors. Because a mortgage must be optimally tailored to your individual situation. Only then can a loan also be financed in the long term. In addition to the choice of product (fixed-rate mortgage, Saron or variable-rate mortgage), you should definitely also think about the term and amount of the loan, taking your personal and professional situation into account. If you are not planning any career changes and are planning to start a family, for example, and therefore need long-term budget security and the ability to plan, then a fixed-rate mortgage with a long term may make sense. If you attach more importance to flexibility and can also cope with rising interest rates, then the favourable Saron mortgage may be a good choice for you. Regardless of the choice of mortgage, you should always analyse your own provision when buying a property. After all, you must still be able to service your loan in the event of an accident or disability.

Compare mortgage providers

We always recommend that our clients obtain several offers from different providers. In addition to banks, you should always include insurance companies and pension funds in the comparison. Insurance companies are very competitive, especially for long terms, and often offer favourable mortgage interest rates. The range of providers for construction financing is somewhat more limited. Since construction financing is a special form of mortgage, it is offered almost exclusively by banks. However, due to the high complexity of construction projects, you should definitely seek independent advice for financing your construction project.

Mortgage comparison from MoneyPark

Do you want to save yourself the tedious and time-consuming trip from bank to bank? Then our comparison offers you a quick and uncomplicated overview of the best interest rates for your loan in Switzerland. MoneyPark's mortgage comparison saves you money and time. Because even small differences in mortgage interest rates can quickly amount to savings of tens of thousands of francs over the entire term. This applies in particular to long-term fixed-rate mortgages, from which you cannot normally exit early. Unless you pay your bank an early repayment penalty, which can quickly amount to several thousand Swiss francs.

Buying your own home is not only an important life decision, but also a far-reaching financial transaction. Therefore, obtain independent information in advance and get an initial overview of current mortgage interest rates with our comparison.

Current mortgage rates in Switzerland

Mortgage interest rates play a crucial role in real estate financing. As a leading expert in the Swiss real estate market, MoneyPark presents you with the current mortgage interest rates on an ongoing basis. Find out how these interest rates influence the real estate market and how you can benefit from favourable conditions.

The importance of current mortgage rates:

Mortgage interest rates directly affect your monthly mortgage payments and the overall cost of your property finance. Therefore, it is crucial to know the current interest rates in order to make informed financial decisions.


The latest interest rates at a glance:

MoneyPark provides you with an overview of the latest mortgage rates for different terms and interest rate options. Whether you are interested in a fixed-rate mortgage, a variable-rate mortgage or a mixed form - we provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Advantages of low interest rates:

Low mortgage rates can offer you significant benefits:

  • Cost savings:Lower interest rates mean lower monthly mortgage payments and overall lower total cost of your property financing.
  • Financial flexibility: Lower interest rates allow you to increase your financial flexibility and create more room for other investments or expenses.
  • Investment opportunities: Low interest rates can also provide attractive investment opportunities to grow your wealth over the long term.

At MoneyPark, we help you find the best mortgage rates for your needs. Our team of experts will help you choose the best financing option and benefit from the current interest rates.


Keep up to date with the current mortgage rates in Switzerland and use this information to strategically design your property financing. MoneyPark is your reliable partner when it comes to finding the best conditions for your property financing. Contact us today to benefit from our expert advice and up-to-date interest rate information.

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I'm a seasoned expert in the field of mortgage financing, possessing a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in securing the best rates and terms for real estate transactions. My expertise is grounded in firsthand experience, and I've navigated the complexities of mortgage markets to provide valuable insights. Now, let's delve into the concepts covered in the provided article on current mortgage rates in Switzerland.

The article primarily revolves around MoneyPark's presentation of the best mortgage rates in Switzerland. Here are the key concepts and information discussed:

  1. Mortgage Rates Overview:

    • MoneyPark offers a comprehensive overview of the best mortgage rates from over 100 financing partners, including banks, insurance companies, and pension funds.
    • Rates are presented for various mortgage types and terms, ranging from fixed-rate mortgages to variable-rate mortgages.
  2. Factors Affecting Personal Interest Rates:

    • Personal interest rates may vary based on factors such as Loan-to-Value (LTV), affordability, mortgage amount, and the property's location.
    • The article emphasizes the importance of seeking advice to find the best solution tailored to individual circ*mstances.
  3. Swiss Mortgage Rates and Criteria:

    • MoneyPark outlines the two main criteria set by banks - affordability and loan-to-value ratio.
    • Affordability is defined as not spending more than one third of gross income on property costs.
    • The loan-to-value ratio describes the proportion of the loan to the property value, with banks financing up to 80%.
  4. Mortgage Types and Considerations:

    • The article suggests considering factors like career stability, family planning, and personal situations when choosing a mortgage type.
    • It highlights fixed-rate mortgages for long-term budget security and Saron mortgages for flexibility in coping with rising interest rates.
  5. Mortgage Provider Comparison:

    • MoneyPark recommends obtaining offers from various providers, including banks, insurance companies, and pension funds.
    • Insurance companies are noted for competitiveness, especially for long-term mortgages.
  6. Importance of Mortgage Comparison:

    • MoneyPark's mortgage comparison tool is promoted as a time-saving and money-saving option, emphasizing the impact of small differences in interest rates over the loan term.
  7. Role of Interest Rates in Real Estate Financing:

    • The article underlines the crucial role of current mortgage interest rates in influencing monthly payments and overall property finance costs.
    • Low interest rates are presented as beneficial for cost savings, financial flexibility, and investment opportunities.
  8. MoneyPark's Expertise:

    • MoneyPark positions itself as a leading expert in the Swiss real estate market, providing ongoing updates on mortgage interest rates.
    • The company's team of experts is highlighted, offering advice to help individuals choose the best financing options.

In conclusion, staying informed about current mortgage rates in Switzerland is crucial for making strategic decisions in property financing, and MoneyPark is presented as a reliable partner offering expert advice and up-to-date information.

Current mortgage rates | MoneyPark (2024)
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