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Littlest Pet Shop: The Video Game is a series of games released in 2008 and 2009. Commonly referred to by the LPS community as Littlest Pet Shop: Worlds, a total of five games were released under the title–Littlest Pet Shop (Wii and Microsoft Windows), Jungle (DS), Garden (DS), Winter (DS), and Spring (DS).


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Littlest Pet Shop for Wii and PC, as well as its DS variants Jungle, Garden, and Winter, were released on October 14, 2008 after Electronic Arts had gained rights to the franchise in August of the previous year. The European release came out a few days later on October 17, 2008.[1]

On March 3, 2009 the fourth installation of the series, Littlest Pet Shop: Spring, became available for Nintendo DS, and was the last game produced for this particular title.[2]

The approximate original retail values were as follows:

Littlest Pet Shop (Wii and PC) $39.99[3]
LPS: Jungle, Garden, Winter, and Spring $29.99[4]


Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (3)

The five games within the title all took on the same gameplay and story, with the difference between them being environments, pets, and themes.

The goal of the game is to build the largest collection and complete your LPS world; to do so, the player is to collect the in-game currency–Kibble–to spend on playsets, toys, accessories, and train tickets. These train tickets invite new pets to the world, while playsets and accessories fulfill quests and keep your pets happy. As new pets are welcomed into your Pet Shop, different areas will open up that your pets can explore.

At the beginning of the game, the player starts at the Pets Plaza, the central hub for the Pet Shop. Various buildings can be entered to access game features.

Meow Market is a shop where you can buy pet toys, accessories, and train tickets for your new pets.

The Arcade lets you play single-player and multiplayer games, or join a Party.

The Apartment shows you all of the pets you have adopted. There are special collections of all your fanciest, cuddliest, littlest, sportiest, and game-exclusive pets.

The Salon is where your pets are dressed and styled in the latest fashions.

Party Hall is where you can join an Evite Party created by another player, or create an Evite Party by scheduling a group of games to take place at a certain time.

Each new area also features a special building, which can be read about below.||

Throughout the game, the player will unlock new areas where they can move their pets to. There are four areas to unlock and can be traveled to via the Signpost. The DS areas are designed differently than the Wii and PC versions, and the order at which these places unlock might differ between titles.

Pets Plaza - This is the main area where the game starts out at. Here you can access the buildings mentioned above.

Garden World - The Garden is the second area unlocked in the game and features cheery green fields and the Pets Only! Clubhouse, which can only be accessed when the megaphone request appears. The player can then run through and collect as many Kibble Coins as they can before the timer runs out.

Winter World - The Winter World is the third area unlocked. This area is accompanied by snowy scenery and the Tail Waggin’ Fitness Club, which once again is only accessible through the megaphone request.

Jungle World - This area is the last to be unlocked, and features a summery jungle theme and the Biggest Littlest Pet Shop, another building that must be accessed through the megaphone request.||

Toys and Playsets[]

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (4)

By spending Kibble Coins at Meow Market, you can collect new toys for your pets to play with. Playsets and toys are interacted with by pressing the A button (DS or Wii); Kibble often spawn on playsets and can be obtained through interaction.

Some toys and playsets give you the chance to play fun games. Games make your pet happy and help you earn Kibble Coins to spend in Meow Market on great toys and accessories for your pet. If you get a high score, you earn a ribbon.

Caring for Your Pets[]

There are multiple ways to keep your pets happy and see how they’re doing. The Pet Close-Up button on the bottom right of the screen allows you to see a selected pet to feed, dress up, and give affection. Interacting with pets in the Close-Up menu boosts their mood and energy levels.

Periodically, a megaphone icon will appear on the bottom left of the screen above the mailbox. This is an indication that a pet has a special request. Fulfill these requests and minigames to boost a pet’s mood.

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (5)

End Game[]

The Littlest Pet Shop: Worlds series is an open-ended game in which once you have completed all of the quests, you can continue to play and enjoy your Pet Shop. The game is successfully completed once all pets and playsets have been unlocked.


The release of the first Littlest Pet Shop video game was considered a great success, with GameSpot claiming in 2010 that “The Littlest Pet Shop franchise has been a particularly strong performer, selling 3.5 million units since the first installment launched for the DS in October 2008.”[5]

Available Pets[]

Each Littlest Pet Shop: Worlds title contains both universal and exclusive pets. The Wii and PC version offered 32 pets, while the Nintendo DS titles had 20. Please note that the names of pets in-game might be slightly different from their package names or their titles on the Wiki. Each pet listed is as written in-game, and directs to their corresponding Wiki page.

Littlest Pet Shop (Wii and PC)

The Wii title contains all universal and exclusive pets from each game, not including the LPS:Spring exclusives who were released after the Wii game’s production. Please refer to the below lists for these pets.

Common to All Versions
Cuddliest Bunny 488*

Cuddliest Hamster 625
Cuddliest Tiger Striped Cat 468*
Fanciest Brown Dog 491
Fanciest Cat 511
Fanciest Corgi 639
Fanciest Dachshund 640
Fanciest Dwarf Bunny 471

Littlest Chihuahua 461

Littlest Yorkie 509*
Sportiest Black Stallion 523
Sportiest Bulldog 508
Sportiest Greyhound 507
Sportiest Orange Cat 525
Funniest Giraffe 632**

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (6)

*Received at start.**(Not available for LPS: Spring. Unlocked with a cheat code.)

Littlest Pet Shop: Jungle (Nintendo DS)

Cuddliest Gray Tiger Cat 483

Cuddliest Panda Bear 658
Littlest Frog 474

Littlest Guinea Pig 510

Messiest Pug 623
Sportiest Monkey 485

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (7)

Littlest Pet Shop: Garden (Nintendo DS)

Cuddliest Dalmatian 469

Cuddliest Flower Cat 467
Fanciest Basset Hound 502

Fanciest Persian Cat 460

Sportiest Horse 627
Littlest Pink Bunny 500

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (8)

Littlest Pet Shop: Winter (Nintendo DS)

Chilliest Lop Ear Rabbit 685

Chilliest Penguin 686
Chilliest Shepherd 689

Chilliest St. Bernard 688

Cuddliest Husky 487
Cuddliest Polar Bear 647

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (9)

Littlest Pet Shop: Spring (Nintendo DS)

Happiest Lop Ear Bunny 864

Happiest Fox 807
Sassiest Dwarf Bunny 827

Hungriest Jack Russell 804

Sassiest Kitty 832
Happiest Porcupine 861

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (10)

Cheat Codes[]

Littlest Pet Shop (Video Game) (11)

There are various cheat codes available for these titles. They are as follows:

LPSGIR - Unlocks Funniest Giraffe 632. This cheat works for LPS Wii and PC.

LPSTRU - Unlocks Funniest Giraffe 632. This cheat works for Jungle, Garden, and Winter.

FRHAT - Unlocks French Hat accessory. This cheat works for Jungle, Garden, and Winter.

LPS1, LPS2, & LPS3 - Unlocks exclusive springtime outfits. These cheats works for Spring.


Many stock tracks were used for the soundtrack of this game.

  • Pets Plaza - Jolly Joy by Joseph Aldenzeel Lambertus and JF Bert Damink (Comedy & Children)
  • Meow Market, Credits - Ragtime Races (B) by Helene Muddiman (Kids Kids Kids - Part Two)
  • Apartment - Take Your Time (a) by Andrew McCrorie-Shandl and Craig Gannon (THE FAMILY ALBUM)
  • Salon - Dance Of The Elves by Paddy Kingsland (Storytellers (KPM-0130))
  • Arcade - Digital Kid by Xavier Edmunds and Zoltan Biscotti (Trigger Happy (KPM-0469))
  • Garden World - Zoukid by Laurent Michel Lombard (Happyland 2)
  • Jungle World (DS) - Spider Monkey by Joseph Aldenzeel Lambertus and JF Bert Damink (Comedy & Children)
  • Jungle World (Wii and PC) - Play Away by Andrew McCrorie-Shandl and Craig Gannon (THE FAMILY ALBUM)
  • Winter World - Strictly for Children A by Walt Rockman (Strictly for Children)
  • Spring World - Freedom by Rolf Anton Krueger (99 Sharp Cuts)
  • Game Song 1 (Hide N Seek, Nutfest, Tightrope Tilt, Copy Cat, Coloring Craze, Ball Juggling, Fruit Fling) - Honky Duck (A) by David Graham Farnon (Kids Kids Kids - Part One)
  • Game Song 2 (Super Scratch, Whirl N Twirl, Fruity Feast) - Piano Story by Michael Dune
  • Game Song 3 (Balloon Burst, Steady Spin, Bubble Bounce (DS), Snack Sort) - Fun Twist by Laurent Michel Lombard (Happyland 2)
  • Game Song 5 (Dash N Dig, Pet Sets, Remember Me) - Little Miss Marionette A by John Charles Fiddy and Sammy Burdson (Tots & Pops)
  • Game Song 6 (Apple Grab, Bubble Bounce (Wii and PC), Skyride Collection, Swing N Spring, Bouquet Breeze, Silly Snapshots, Toss N Pop, Volley Paws) - Cool Break by Laurent Michel Lombard (Happyland 2)
  • Shake Your Pet Shop - You Got It! (B) by Aaron Frederick Laszlo Wheeler (Dance Republic 2)
  • Doggy Digs Me - Jpop Drop (298954) by Christopher Branch and Tom Haines (Vitamin Pack)
  • My Tail Wags For You - Happy Daze by Jan Josef Curia and Toby Bricheno (Music For Summer)
  • Angry Pet -?
  • Tired Pet -?



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