These January Nail Ideas Are Hot Enough To Melt All That Snow (2024)

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The first month of the year may not seem like a worthy reason to change your manicure. But once you see these January nail designs, you’ll understand why we hunted them down. You know, instead of working on any of our New Year’s resolutions.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to try something new or a twist on an old favorite. Whether you have your sights set on all things glittery, or you’re going down the wintery and moody road of dark blues, there is plenty of inspiration out there.

Just don’t go too far out there. The snow gets pretty deep.
These January Nail Ideas Are Hot Enough To Melt All That Snow (1)

The Best Ideas For January Nail Designs

1. Winter Scene Nails

We were snowed in last week, and this manicure is all we have to show for it. We also have the 13 attempts before this final version. We’ll send you over a shared photo album.

These January Nail Ideas Are Hot Enough To Melt All That Snow (2)

2. Sparkle Nails

This nail design shows off our most overused emoji, because everything in our life needs an extra little pizzazz thrown in. Even texts to our DoorDash guy, thanking him for his fifth delivery to us this week.

These January Nail Ideas Are Hot Enough To Melt All That Snow (3)

3. Icy Nails

These nails give us all the snowy vibes without any of the snow shoveling or frostbite. Sounds much more reasonable to us.

These January Nail Ideas Are Hot Enough To Melt All That Snow (4)

4. Abstract Blue Nail Design

Got those post-Christmas/back to reality blues? This January nail design might not help in the long term, but you’ll certainly look cool as you tap your fingers in annoyance at your desk.

5. Wintery French Tips

These are shiny and bright, just like the North Star. And that’s the story we’re sticking to when we show off that middle finger in particular.

6. Glitter Pastel Snowflake Nail Design

These nails will help bring the spring vibes in early to thaw everything out. Everything except our frozen margarita, that is.

7. Rainbow Reverse Tips

We’re going into the new year with rose colored glasses, these rainbow nails, and enough dissociation to make this year better than the past three.

8. Holographic Stripes

These glazed donut, almond shaped nails sporting a holographic stripe look almost good enough to eat. But we know you won’t do that, because one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stop biting your nails! Right?

9. Martini Mani

These nails are perfect if you’re practicing Dry January, but miss your nightly martini.

10. Golden Eye Nails

These nails will let you look ahead to the new year in style. Forehead third eyes are so last year.

11. Witchy Winter Vibes

These periwinkle, gold, and shimmery nails give us the witch energy we need for a new year. If only it came with a black cat, then we’d really be set.

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These January Nail Ideas Are Hot Enough To Melt All That Snow (2024)
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